Scotty Tsunami is flipping the script on what it means to be a guy with his latest project, “Boyhood.” No, it’s not your typical tale of manhood. It’s a rebellious juxtaposition of what’s usually considered macho with subtle hints of the softer side.

The whole idea started with a thrifted tablecloth – pink and white lace, of all things. It’s a recurring theme that weaves through this series. But there’s more to it than just fabric; it’s a journey through Scotty’s life and heritage. You see, those lace patterns carry more than just aesthetics; they’re threads connecting back to his family. Memories of childhood flavors like taiyaki and strawberry milk, moments spent with ‘Yun Yun,’ his grandmother in Cantonese. It’s a glimpse into the layers of his identity, much like the layers of lace on that tablecloth.

And the visuals? Well, Scotty does it old school. He’s rocking his grandpa’s film camera to capture these moments. It’s a trip down memory lane, a touch of nostalgia that’s hard to resist.

Check out the images in exclusive for Fucking Young! below:


Photography & Styling by Scotty Tsunami
Harrison Tablada @harrisontablada
Ricki Ramirez @ricki_ramirez_
Brandon Noriega @commenc3
Aiki Smith @canicopythis
Adrian Burgos @theyansterr
Justin Sanchez @justintanchez
Nico Lee @smwhereinthemix