MODUS VIVENDI is back with its “The Roommates” campaign, kicking off with “The One Where The Roommates Work Out”. The campaign is a deep dive into the lives of four young gents living it up in a lavish mansion.

The first part of “The Roommates” Campaign serves up a combo of fitness, style, and friendship as these roomies get sweaty on the balcony. Their well-toned physiques meet MODUS VIVENDI’s latest collection. Think slick compression shirts, breezy shorts, and snazzy underwear, all coming together to redefine workout gear.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. After their intense workout session, they switch it up with a game of basketball in the mansion’s backyard. It’s all about versatility!

This campaign also spotlights MODUS VIVENDI’s latest creations – the Curved collection. It features hypnotic jacquard fabrics with a wavy relief design and some stunning pique “liquid” effect shiny fabrics. It’s all about texture and style, with the jacquard fabric adding a unique touch to each piece and the pique liquid effect fabric giving that extra shine.

“The One Where The Roommates Work Out” is just the beginning of this FW23-24 journey. More episodes are on the horizon, offering a peek into the lives of these roommates as they navigate work, leisure, and friendship. You can shop the new collection HERE!

Check out the campaign images below:


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Photography: @joan_crisol
Fashion Director: @billyhazel
Make Up & Hair: @alvarosanper
Make Up & Hair Assistant: @noeliamakeup
Styling Assistants: @julen_mrgr & @ioxoioxo
Production Assistant: @juanma_lopezp