Get ready for a special treat as Doc’n Roll marks its 10th Film Festival edition with “TLC Forever,” directed by Matt Kay. This film takes us on a 30-year journey through the incredible story of TLC, the record-breaking American girl group.

From their humble beginnings in 1991 to a monumental Glastonbury performance in 2022, TLC’s journey has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows. Bankruptcy, fallouts, illness, and heartbreak have walked hand in hand with their meteoric successes.

Originally a manufactured group, handpicked by ex-manager turned nemesis Pebbles, they quickly transformed into a tight-knit sisterhood. Blending funk, hip hop, and RnB, their sound has evolved, but their political edge remains unwavering.

Now, nearly three decades later, TLC is still reaching for the stars. Through a mix of archives, candid moments, and interviews, we get a deep dive into their world, past, and present. The film unravels the twists and turns in their journey and the legacy they’re building.

“TLC Forever” shines a light on Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes’ groundbreaking role in changing the narrative around HIV/AIDS. Her iconic condom eye patch became a symbol for safe sex awareness, and their hit song “Waterfalls” was the first to openly address AIDS.


Don’t miss out! The London premiere of this documentary is set for November 4th at the Rio Cinema, with additional screenings from November 4th to 11th in Brighton, Cardiff, Birmingham, Newcastle, Hastings, and London at Ritzy on November 11th. It’s a tribute to a legendary group that continues to make history.