Let’s get the party season started. Who says too much bling is a bad thing?


Bershka presents its new collection of party pieces for the Xmas season. As party season approaches it’s never been more important to make sure your style is big on sparkle and shine. A collection of party pieces that snap, crackle and pop, and that are guaranteed to rock around the clock. Where better to stage the 24/7 Bling campaign? In the city that never sleeps, of course. The collection is much more than a celebration of our favorite time of year; most importantly, it’s about togetherness. The right clothes make us feel special, but our friends make our best moments unforgettable.


Bershka jersey animal print

Bershka Leopard Shirt

Bershka bum bag

Bershka pinstripe blazer and trousers

Bershka’s message this party season is that every moment is yours for the taking. There’s always a reason to dress up with friends and celebrate life.

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