Ever inspired by nature and our impact on the world, ARTURO OBEGERO makes a social commentary against greed and its potential impact on his hometown in his Spring 23 collection. Sheer, romantic pastel draped pieces are contrasted with structured silks in bold colors. Pearls, feathers, and sequins emphasize the juxtaposition of soft, natural landscapes and the overmining of natural resources.


Included in this season are his signature shirts with oversized cuffs. And of course, there is a nod to the custom red sequin jumpsuit from the Harry Styles “As It Was” video. The designers’ favorite piece is a black ensemble dripping in crystal “waterlines”.  His interest in ballet, bullfighting and tailoring are woven throughout the collection.


Obegeros’ atelier outside of Paris constructs each garment in-house. creating exclusivity and the ability to focus on the quality of his tailoring. Even the fabrics are sourced from local luxury deadstock, making his brand sustainable, ethical, and exclusive.