AMIRI has unveiled its latest denim campaign, and it’s all about celebrating the timeless allure of denim as a quintessential expression of modern luxury. Handcrafted by skilled artisans in California, each piece is a testament to American culture and art.

Set against the backdrop of the California Coast, the campaign showcases AMIRI’s denim creations as enduring symbols of American youth. From one era to the next, denim has seamlessly adapted and become an integral part of cultural evolution. The brand elevates this iconic fabric through meticulous in-house craftsmanship, paying homage to its heritage properties through unique customization, distressing, embellishment, and reconstruction techniques.

The garments are designed with relaxed, roomy silhouettes, drawing inspiration from various realms – skate, sport, stage, and studio. From the Release Hem Jean, with its distinctive released hem and well-worn look, to the Shotgun Straight Jean, featuring the signature shotgun distressing, each piece tells a story. Sun-faded fabrication adds a touch of individuality, and mesh panels pay tribute to American sportswear.

Shop the brand HERE and check out the campaign below: