Acne Studios introduce its first complete eyewear collection, with a focus on colour and shape for both frames and lenses. The seven styles are available in 29 Acne Studios stores worldwide, as well as online at

We᠆ve always made eyewear pieces, but never before a full collection. I wanted to introduce new styles, and refine our previous designs, to create Acne Studios Eyewear. For this first collection, I᠆ve drawn on my role models in music as inspiration and reference – it᠆s up to the customer to guess who.” – Jonny Johansson, Creative Director.

The Acne Studios Eyewear collection offers a specific edit for sunglasses. The futuristic new style Mask was worn at the Acne Studios Fall/Winter 2015 show, while the thick-rimmed new style Library completed the look at the Men᠆s Fall/Winter 2015 presentation. Shapes range from the rounded Sigmund style, to the oval shaped new style Mustang, through to the curved lines of Acne Studios᠆ take on the aviator. Lens treatments and frame shades are crucial to the collection, such as the yellow lens option with gold frame in Spitfire, or pink frame combined with transparent pink lens version of Mustang.