Fucking Young! teamed up with Ray-Ban META in this story starring Eduard Torres

Eduard Torres wears knitted top by GUCCI and eyewear RAY-BAN META

When it seems that one’s path is written and nothing is going to surprise you, suddenly life comes along and does it. That’s how capricious it is, that it manages us the way it wants to. The same could be said of Catalan Eduard Torres, who at 28 years of age has gone from dedicating most of his time to creating content to sharing it with his new professional facet as an actor, something he was always interested in but never thought would happen. Life took him down that path and put in front of him the dream job for many, a job that of course he took and prepared himself in the best possible way.

Next year, the two films he has been involved in will be presented, and he has told us a little about them, as well as about his acting career, during the photo shoot by Gabriel Vorbon that was made exclusively for FY!, where he appears wearing the new generation of smart glasses by Ray-Ban META. This item, considered by some as a must-have, besides being good at performing its functions with extreme precision, also stands out for its timeless design, making the glasses combinable with almost any look.

Find out what Torres told us:

Eduard Torres wears knitted top by GUCCI and eyewear RAY-BAN META

Total look GUCCI and Eyewear Ray-Ban Meta 


Eduard, for those who still don’t know about you, could you introduce yourself?

Of course! I’m Edu, originally from a village, I’m 28 years old and I’m currently immersed in the world of social media. Although I consider myself a simple person, my life is taking a more acting-oriented direction, an aspect that I am developing with enthusiasm.


Many people know you from your social media and influencer side, but we hear that you are currently more focused on developing your acting side. When did you know you wanted to pursue acting as well?

I never dreamed of being an actor as such, it’s just something that came to me. When I started, before I got involved in social media, I was casting commercials and from then on I became more familiar with the camera and I was very curious about it.


How did you prepare for it? Who are your references?

I started to train myself by doing courses. When I got castings for fiction, I prepared them with a coach, and that’s how I’ve continued to train. Many actors say: no, I trained with this course or with this workshop. I just went on and on, doing workshops and courses that seemed interesting to me.

As a reference, I have Viggo Mortensen very much in mind because of his commitment and dedication to acting.


Eduard Torres wears knitted top by GUCCI and eyewear RAY-BAN META


It is said that acting is one of the most difficult professions when it comes to getting good roles and succeeding. What do you think? Do you consider that the luck factor has something to do with it?

Yes, the luck factor is always there, but in the end, you have to be in the right moment. The important thing is to trust in yourself and believe in your project 100%. Everything comes sooner or later.


When it comes to accepting the role of a character, what does he have to have?

When I consider accepting a role, my priority is to understand it thoroughly. During casting, I immersed myself in his story, motivations, and development. Whether I am cast or not, my goal is to authentically connect with the role. Acceptance goes beyond being cast, it involves a genuine connection. I seek to identify emotionally and find elements that resonate with my own experience.


Top LOEWE, skirt Javier Guijarro, eyewear by Ray-Ban META


How would you define yourself as an actor?

I would describe myself as an actor who constantly seeks to explore different registers. I have often been associated with bad boy roles, but I always strive to immerse myself in opposite personalities. I like to challenge myself and deliver performances that surprise and go beyond previous expectations. Complexity and variety are key aspects of my acting approach.


Being an actor is one of the most dreamed-of jobs that few get to do. What is the most fun and the least fun about it?

The most fun is the diversity and the lack of routine in filming. Every day is different and that’s what I enjoy the most. And the least fun is the pressure and the atmosphere that you are sometimes subjected to.


We hear that you will be releasing two films next year. What can you tell us about them?

I can tell you that they are going to be a great success and that they are going to captivate the audience. Although my character is not in the lead role, I am very excited to be part of these projects, which I am sure will be very well received.


Top LOEWE, skirt Javier Guijarro, eyewear by Ray-Ban META

Which of the two characters has been more difficult for you to connect with and prepare for? If it has been for either.

Playing the role in the film “Calladita” was a significant challenge for me. The plot deals with a delicate subject in which my character is part of a group of friends with apparent economic abundance who abuse a girl. Preparing for this role was difficult, as I was faced with the complexity of getting into the mind of a character with such disturbing behavior as a rapist.

Despite the difficulty, it was a role in which I learned a lot from a cinematic point of view. Although it is a serious and sensitive topic, I think it is important to address it responsibly on screen to raise awareness and generate reflection. The film is currently in the process of being sold for festivals and is expected to be picked up by a reputable platform.


Content creation as a profession is not taken very seriously in some fields. Do you think that working as one might hinder you when it comes to acting or getting some jobs? Can you combine the two well? Have you ever experienced a situation where you were told no for that reason?

As for the influence of my career as a content creator on acting, I firmly believe that both roles can coexist harmoniously. Despite any prejudices that may exist, I believe that diversity in the selection of actors is essential and enriching for the industry.

So far, I have not experienced any rejections stemming from my social media presence, and I am committed to proving that the transition between these two worlds can be successful.


Trench coat by PAOLO LEDUC. Shirt, pants and shoes DIOR MEN, eyewear RAY-BAN META


If you had to choose between being a content creator or an actor, which would you choose?

I think it’s pretty clear and I would choose to dedicate myself fully to acting. Although I value the experience as a content creator, the aspects of acting (such as authenticity and the ability to explore different aspects of myself) appeal to me much more.


What are the differences and similarities between the Eduard influencer and the Eduard actor?

The differences between the two Eduards center on authenticity. As an influencer, I show a stylized side of my life, whereas, in acting, I have the freedom to explore and express a wider range of emotions and characters, revealing deeper aspects of myself authentically and creatively.

In acting, on the other hand, I experience a creative freedom that allows me to immerse myself in diverse and complex characters. Authenticity in acting is not only about showing my personality, but also about exploring and bringing to life the emotions, stories, and experiences of others. In this sense, theatre, and film offer me the unique opportunity to present audiences with a variety of dimensions and nuances beyond what they can see on my social media platforms.


Trench coat by PAOLO LEDUC. Shirt, pants and shoes DIOR MEN, eyewear RAY-BAN META

We assume you are up to date with the films that are out there. Can you recommend any you have seen recently?

I’ve seen two recently that made an impact on me. The first is “Killers of the Flower Moon”, directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Robert De Niro; and the second one is “Napoleon”. Both offer exceptional cinematic experiences and deserve to be seen.


And what is your favorite movie and series?

My favorite movie is “Captain Fantastic”, while my favorite series is “Peaky Blinders”.


Coat PAOLO LEDUC, underwear DIOR MEN, eyewear RAY-BAN META


Let’s talk about you, what is your day-to-day life like? What do you usually do?

In my day-to-day life, my main goal is to keep busy and be open to new opportunities and projects. This flexibility is a key part of my life, as it allows me to adapt to challenges that may arise in both social media and acting. I am always looking for ways to grow and evolve professionally.


What would you like to achieve in the film industry? Do you see yourself working in it in a couple of years?

I hope so! Continuing to be part of the acting world with challenging and meaningful projects is something I would love to do. I desire to expand my opportunities and explore diverse genres and roles in the coming years. Acting is an ever-evolving passion for me, and I am excited for the journey that lies ahead.


Finally, what do you imagine 2024 to be like? Do you already have any personal or professional goals to achieve?

Yes, I already have several well-defined personal goals. In addition to my dedication to furthering my career, I am determined to quit smoking. I also aspire to find a calmer balance in my life, prioritizing quality time with my family and hopefully establishing a stable relationship. These personal goals are a reflection of my constant quest for growth and well-being in all aspects of my life.


Suit by PAOLO LEDUC, dress by GAULTIER, pants by DIESEL


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Talent: Eduard Torres @ Dazzle Agency
Photography by Gabriel Vorbon
Styled by Javier González
Make-up by Allison Caranton
Video: Nacho Montenegro
Production: Alicia Fabrega
Location: MyFuckingStudio
Wall artwork by Gabriel Vorbon
Interviewed by Gabriel Cordoba
Thanks to La Esquina Barcelona, AlgoBonitoPR