In the world of quantum mechanics, a fascinating phenomenon known as superposition allows a system to exist in multiple states simultaneously, until the act of observation collapses its wave function upon interaction with the external world.

This concept beckons us to ponder that which eludes our direct perception, relying instead on faith in the existence of certain natural phenomena. Abstractly speaking, there are elements that defy mere observation, yet undeniably exert their influence, giving rise to contemplation of ethereal beings like guardian spirits.

Inspired by this abstract framework, the SS23 editorial from _J.L-A.L_ aptly titled “Permanent Presence” weaves together enigmatic landscapes that whisper of enigmatic occurrences, hinting at unexplained events that have left their mark. Amidst these cryptic locales, _J.L-A.L_’s meticulously crafted garments take center stage, serving as a metaphorical shield against the elements, akin to the protective embrace of a guardian spirit.

In this ethereal collaboration of non-descript settings and technically designed apparel, the invisible becomes tangible, bridging the gap between the seen and the unseen. _J.L-A.L_ invites you to explore the mysteries that lie beyond the visible spectrum, embracing the notion of unseen forces that shape our world.

Check out the editorial below:


Production: @bianco_bianco_tokyo
Visual Direction & Styling: @k8.0ondamic
Styling Assistant: @hrkhrks
Photography: @kohei_kawatani
Head of Production: @truetosize
Models: @id_ndy (Activa Mgmt) / @_k_anim (West Management)