The latest menswear collection from J.L-A.L explores how clothing shapes our identity and reality, using the concept of simulacra to create a fictional corporate world. The collection plays with the idea of archetypes and uniforms, and how they are perceived, reinterpreted, and transformed by design.

The collection features a range of garments that challenge and reimagine the key elements of uniform, such as striped shirts, suits, overcoats, vests, and bombers. These pieces are deconstructed and abstracted, highlighting and enhancing their details, functionality, and aesthetics.

For example, striped shirts are twisted and distorted into new shapes, suits are embellished with metal spheres, and fine wool is fused into three-layer outerwear. The collection also introduces a new line of footwear, developed in-house, that combines sleek silhouettes with wraparound elastic and geometric cutouts.

Check out the collection below: