Wooyoungmi, over the years, has become one of the most interesting brands to see at Paris Fashion Week and one of the most promising. All this has been thanks to its founder Madame Woo and its artistic director Katie Chung, who see fashion from a different point of view to the rest and more oriented towards timelessness, always without losing the modern and avant-garde touch that characterises it.

The proposal recently shown at 17 Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, corresponding to the Fall/Winter 2024 season, arose from Scottish missionary Alexander Williams’ retrospective account of Korea, entitled “Knowing About Korea Without Ever Going There”. This is rather curious, for remember that until the late 19th century, the nation was practically closed to tourists – a prohibition that added to its mystery in an age of exploration – and one that Williams was unable to access, as he only got as far as the border.

Despite this, the document caught Woo and Katie’s attention and, after studying it, they realised how interesting it was and began to develop the line. The starting point for the inspiration and design process was Korea, but then it took other directions and expanded to new horizons, such as the globalisation of the country’s own culture. To the south of Korea, there is a city called Seoul, which for many has become one of the coolest in the world. Both agree with this and, following the example of Alexander Williams, have written their account of the city, drawing on information from local and foreign insights into urban life and the people who live there.

Seoulites imagined by Wooyoungmi fuse the country’s cultural style with the international urban one and add college touches. They are good kids but rebellious; classic but modern; and busy but carefree.

All the guys fitting these adjectives tend to dress in cool, fall colours and a casual, no-frills style, more specifically in football polo shirts worn with shorts and long trousers as a uniform, oversized jackets, some with a worn look, and jeans.

For those fortunate to be employed and going to work daily, wear long coats over traditional suits with relaxed silhouettes and no shortage of detailing, as they are paired with shirts, ties, and belts. All the looks are accompanied by brown or black leather footwear, bags of the same material in different shapes and sizes to carry belongings, hats made with the Korean technique of bojagi, and sculpted jewellery placed in the ears, a tribute to Buddhist philosophy.

Have a look at the Wooyoungmi Fall/Winter 2024 collection below: