080 Barcelona Fashion will be 100% digital for the first time, from Barcelona to the World.

This week (14-17 September) we will be closely following the Fashion Week of the city in which we have been established for more than a decade. The scenario for this special edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion will once again be the Sant Pau Modernista Venue, from where the 21 designers and fashion brands that participate in this edition will show their proposals in a series of exclusive Fashion Show Films recorded in the location in the last days. All the contents can be viewed from everywhere through the virtual front row on 080 TV

The brands and designers selected to participate in this edition are a reflection of the current creative scene and the business diversity of the textile and fashion sector, from young promises to Catalan fashion firms with a century of history. Following the mood of the previous edition, 080 Barcelona Fashion maintains the motto, “Undress your mind”, which highlights adjectives such as “liquid”, “ephemeral” and “fluid”, which define society, fashion and design. and that currently makes more sense than ever.

An open and multidisciplinary platform, with an international vocation, committed to sustainability, where creativity, design, and innovation are visible. Also in 080 TV we can see in streaming exclusively behind the scenes images or the “Other Voices” section, which will include a content program giving voice to experts, professionals and personalities from the Fashion industry.

Below are some of the younger designers that we love and we recommend you to watch at 080 Barcelona Fashion in the next few days.

MANS, three times winner for Best Emerging Design

Monday 14th September 20:30h at 080 TV.

Jaime Álvarez is from Seville and is the person behind MANS Concept Menswear. He received on three occasions the Best Emerging Design Award conceded by the Catalan platform.  Mans is a ready-to-wear and tailor-made company, influenced by Saville Row workshops and Japanese techniques. Both will be present in all their collections, mixing this millenary tradition with avant-garde aesthetics, clean cuts, and innovation in fabrics. Mans proposes a new proposal for masculinity. The classic references are merged with youthful subcultures, in a constant play of opposing elements, interconnected to create a balance.

SS21 collection finds its influence on the aesthetic of the American photographer Slim Aarons. The SS21 garments are inspired in the colors, silhouettes… But most of all in the general attitude of the peculiar characters, that are represented in his portraits, directly extracted from the Aarons’ artwork. From Capri to Palm Springs, stopping through the wonderful gardens of Marrakech.


Brain & Beast, celebrates 10 years in fashion

Tuesday 15th September 20:30h at 080 TV.

Brain&Beast was born in Barcelona in 2010 at the hands of Ángel and César. They propose mixing garments that combine emotion and reason, with a very strong influence from the contemporary culture without leaving out oodles of sophistication and a serious sense of humour. This will be a very special collection, celebrating a decade of work. “We continue with the same desire to take the opposite for mental health, we continue betting on the quality product and we call for responsibility when buying only what you love … all these ideas united as pieces of a patchwork, crossed by a needle threaded to fix them together, leaving a mark.”


Guillem Rodríguez, new masculinity

Tuesday 15th September 19:30h at 080 TV.

Guillem is back after his participation in the Hyères Festival as a finalist in 2015. It will be his debut in 080 Barcelona Fashion showing his vision of men’s fashion, again a new version of masculinity. Rodríguez has always found inspiration in the female wardrobe and has transferred these ideas to the male domain. His artisanal clothes reflect tailoring combined with younger and more modern proportions.
The Dreamboy collection is inspired by the characters that we find within the imaginary of homoerotics. A set of men of a homosexual emotional nature who embody an erotic desire.  An audiovisual piece that has inspired the collection is James Bidgood’s film Pink Narcissus (1971). Dreamboy is the gigolo who waits on the street, the boy you meet on the dance floor, the one you stare at as he crosses the street. An erotic version of the sexy, young and brilliant man. The collection reflects the empowerment of the male body. New masculinity that does not hide from its sexuality, nor from being camp.


Eñaut, minimalist aesthetic

Thursday 17th September 20:00h at 080 TV.

Eñaut presents PERMAFROST, a new collection built around thaw and the layer of Permafrost. A journey for reflection of what is dark and catastrophic that we find in something visually beautiful and hypnotic. Just like the movement of the water when thaw occurs. A setback to the essence and the organic. To demonstrate the beauty of the union. The Basque designer makes his debut at 080 Barcelona Fashion in June, 2019, presenting “Newfoundland”, which wins the award for the best emergent design collection.


Júlia G. Escribà, technology from the NASA

Monday 14th September 19:30h at 080 TV.

New name, maybe the youngest of this edition. Júlia G Escribà is a 20-year-old Catalan designer, who presents her first thermoregulating collection with a technology that was developed for NASA and currently features the Certified Space Technology logo by the US Space Foundation. The designer has always expressed her concern and commitment to seeking solutions to tackle the climate emergency and is involved in changing the polluting scenario of the textile industry, which is the second most polluting sector in the world. She got interested in smart textiles, design, textile engineering, sustainability, fabrics and society’s changing needs.

“We need to promote a technology that adapts to the skin’s microclimate, follows the concept of “slow fashion” and uses sustainable raw materials”.  Despite her youth, she boasts a track record in the industry: she has worked in a fabric store, worked as a stylist and works with designers as Lurdes Bergada or Victor von Schwarz, until she decided to focus on her own project and take the plunge. She presented her proposal to the Reimagine Textile programme of Tecnocampus and Eurecat (the Technological Centre of Catalonia) in 2019, where she realised the idea and contacted the company Outlast® Technologies LLC by signing an agreement for the use of the thermoregulating patent that was created for NASA. This technology is a starting point, as she has many ideas for thermoregulating technology she wants to test and create her own. The designer pursues her training while driving her company’s growth.


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