Pan tu nie stał brand (You have not stood here, Mister) presented a collection of conceptual washable tattoos. As usual, inspiration flowed from distanced nostalgia for soviet period of Polish history and an attempt to tame a very Polish symbols and stereotypes. Jacek Kolodziejski has responded to the invitation to cooperate with the grotesque and disturbing portraits of the Poles. Each character is exaggerated and exposed, but tattoos uncovered through the ripped clothes unmasks or ridicules them additionally.


The entire set of tattoos is based on the characteristic Polish symbols and everyday life:

Cześć (Hi!) – the most natural greeting. Very positive symbol, encourages to interact.

Ą – vowel characteristic for the Polish language. This very unique letter never appears at the beginning of any word in Polish.

Baum’s Cube – quintessential lack of good taste in architecture. In fact, it is a very decent building material for pavement.

Rysy – the highest mountain in Poland. This Polish pride looks very poorly on the background of the World.

Paprykarz Szczeciński – the basic element of Polish tourists packed lunches. Made of fish leftovers, rice and many enhancers, but it’s delicious!

The Ear – a very common symbol in the 50’s, when the Polish labor leaders competed in the cultivation of cereals on their fields.


Which one are you?





stylist: Elwira Rutkowska

hair and make-up: Agnieszka Hodowana

model: Daniel, Karolina, Radek, Pan, Marcin, Ania