Jim (36 - Buyer) wears Coat by Jil Sander - Jacket by Ralph Lauren - Pants by G star - Shirt by Ralph Lauren - Sunglasses by Oliver people - Bag by L.L. Bean

Sam (31 - Sales Associate) wears Hat by Beaver - Coat by Pendletton - Pants by Levi's - Boots vintage

Terence (27 - Stylist) wears Pants by Uniqlo - Vest by Sir Jack - Denim jacket (under) by Old Navy - Boots by Aldo - Scarf by himself

Reiji (26 - Sales Associate) wears Jacket by District - Sweater by Uniqlo - Pants by Color Japan - Shoes by Alden - Vintage Hat - Scarf by Isetan - Necklace by thrift store

Kuschan (20 - Student) wears Coat by Damir Doma - Shoes by Jimmy Choo for H&M

Hyeon (20 - Student) wears Shirt/jeans by Levi's - Tshirt by American Apparel with home made design - Scarf by Korean dept store - Shoes by Dr Martens

Zach (29 - Music Promoter) wears Tie by target - Pants by Levi's - Shoes by Dr Martens - Shirt by Thrift Store - Vintage Perfecto - Vintage Sunglasses

Paul (38 - Photographer agent) wears Coat by Marc Jacobs - Shirt by Barneys - Pants by Marc Jacobs - Shoes by Margiela - Hats by Stetson

Today we are happy to present new street looks captured by NYC based photographer Monsieur Jerome for Fucking Young! His photographs are capturing the exuberance, elegance and creativity of New York streets.

You can follow him on Facebook.