If SS20’s color vibe was ranked a meager affair – boasting washed-out shades, earthy tones, and worn greys, which could also come as unassumingly classy at the same time – your proclivity for bashing hues might have a key moment. In that case, look up to Liam Hodges and Alfie Kungu’s latest collaboration and get ready to jolt big time. Hodges’ penchant for a billowingly-fitted silhouette hasn’t gone unnoticed, and this season’s big ‘fits and print-heavy dashes were game to reign it all in. The collection comprises a handful of hand-crafted pieces, graphic jersey, and knitwear hybrids, with a butterfly motif flowing throughout the collection as an idyllic symbol of rebirth. From bold motifs to even brasher logos, the abstraction in design powers through components that embrace contrast and color-driven juxtapositions, splatting out a mix in functionalism and technical-driven design. Though psychedelia is a recurrent theme in both Hodges and Kungu’s practices, as seen in shirts and sweatshirts among the collaboration, jogger pants did not quite win the race. But it’s worth pondering for a moment whether the consumer will invest in garments that are on season-defining, or rather, will pay attention to something off-seasoned but more permanent. What’s always exciting about Hodges is a capacity to alter the likes of monotonous tailoring into something exceedingly playful – but not naïve – nodding to an increasingly youthful phase where he has placed his vision since day one. Of course, we’re rooting for the duo and their take on blending quirky fashion into something relatable, experimental, and exciting. And it’s no wonder why his collaborations serve-up so well.