Eastpak’s long-standing relationship with Raf Simons has taken a new step forward today with the launch of the 5th successful collaboration between the two brands at New York Fashion Week. And if at all possible, the result is the most dazzling yet! Once again, the Belgian-born designer has taken some of Eastpak’s most classic silhouettes and added more than just a touch of his own unique vision on haut couture. High-end materials such as washed nylon, rich canvas, full-grain leather and – especially for the catwalk – Simons’ beloved satin combine to create a sophisticated blend of form and function. A pragmatic approach, if you will, to sheer luxury!

Comprising 3 backpacks and 1 duffel in different material variations, the Eastpak x Raf Simons V collection will be available through selected retailers as of July 2017.