The Danish fashion industry has signed the Danish Fashion Ethical Charter, which shall ensure better well-being for models and a healthier body image. More than 300 businesses in the industry have declared their support to the new charter since its launch three weeks ago.

The debate on thin models and distorted body image has never been more heated or more current. As a result the trade associations Danish Fashion Institute, Danish Fashion & Textile and WEAR, the eight largest model agencies in Denmark, the Danish Association against Eating Disorders and Self-harm, and Model Union Denmark have launched a new, more stringent Danish Fashion Ethical Charter, which has explicit rules to ensure better well-being for models and a healthier body image in the industry.

The basic premise is that models are not sick. However, in recognition that models are a vulnerable group due to their profession, which requires meeting specific body measurements, the initiators of the pilot project believe a health check is essential. Thus the aspiration and purpose of the health check is to quickly identify the many healthy models and to find the ones who either have an eating disorder or exhibit risky behaviour, allowing them to get the help they need to avoid becoming sick.

If the pilot project is deemed a success, the goal is to add more age groups in the future.