Hugo Costa Fall/Winter 2013

Emerging portuguese designer Hugo Costa presented his Fall/Winter 2013 collection at BLOOM during PortugalFashion. The collection has clear influences from street wear, transformed and interpreted in the classic male clothing. The colour is presented as a block, from which… »

Fátima Lopes Fall/Winter 2013

Fátima Lopes presented her Fall/Winter 2013 collection inspired by the diamond size, during PortugalFashion. Fátima brings 3D details to the clothes, mixing exclusive prints used in patchwork in order to recall a thousand sides of the precious stone.

Nuno Gama Fall/Winter 2013

Nuno Gama presented his Fall/Winter 2013 collection during ModaLisboa. Entitled “ICOSAEDRO”, the collection was inspired by the perfect geometry of a equilateral triangle and its symbolism.

Miguel Vieira Fall/Winter 2013

Miguel Vieira presented a black & white Fall/Winter 2013 collection during ModaLisboa, featuring well tailored pieces, mixing formal with casual looks.

Dino Alves Fall/Winter 2013

Dino Alves presented his Fall/Winter 2013 collection during ModaLisboa. Entitled “NEXT PAGE”, the collection is inspired by book pages, featuring layered looks and prints.


V!tor Fall/Winter 2013

V!tor presented his Fall/Winter 2013 collection during ModaLisboa. Entitled “V!TOLOGY”, the collection is inspired by gods, creatures and muses of mythology.

Alexandra Moura Fall/Winter 2013

Alexandra Moura presented her Fall/Winter 2013 collection during ModaLisboa, featuring simple lines, minimal silhouettes and materials like cotton, kid mohair, velvet and neoprene. The symbolism behind this collection is the source of everything, beauty and protection.

Os Burgueses Fall/Winter 2013

Os Burgueses presented their “BLACKOUT” Fall/Winter 2013 collection during ModaLisboa.

Ricardo Andrez Fall/Winter 2013

Ricardo Andrez presented his “BRVTVS” Fall/Winter 2013 collection during ModaLisboa.

Ricardo Dourado Fall/Winter 2013

Ricardo Dourado presented his “Soweto” Fall/Winter 2013 collection during ModaLisboa, featuring oversized silhouettes and some interesting details.

Ptaszek Fall/Winter 2013

Monika Ptaszek was the Guest Designer at ModaLisboa. She presented a somber Fall/Winter 2013 collection, inspired by the disturbing silence of the North Sea, entitled “WARSHIP“.

Valentim Quaresma Fall/Winter 2013

Valentim Quaresma presented his Fall/Winter 2013 collection during ModaLisboa. Entitled “Daydream“, the collection mix industrialization and creativity, featuring materials like leather, copper and hair.

ModaLisboa “TRUST” Fall/Winter 2013 Schedule

Here is the amazing schedule for the Fall/Winter 2013 shows in Lisbon.

25 FebLisbon

Miguel Vieira Spring/Summer 2013

Miguel Vieira presented his Spring/Summer 2013 collection at Moda Lisboa. Entitled “Perfume” the collection was inspired by exotic cultures and breathtaking idyllic landscapes, featuring luxury and refinement, filled with a palette of vibrant colors that awakens the senses, as… »

16 OctLisbon. Spring/Summer

Dino Alves Spring/Summer 2013

Dino Alves Spring/Summer 2013 collection was inspired by inhabited closed spaces during changes or refurbishment works, where the furniture and other decorative items are covered, wrapped and protected with white cloths or bed sheets.

The collection featured new proportions… »

16 OctLisbon. Spring/Summer

Nuno Gama Spring/Summer 2013

Entitled “Principe Real”, Nuno Gama‘s Spring/Summer 2013 collection pays tribute to urban nobility… »

16 OctLisbon. Spring/Summer

V!TOR Spring/Summer 2013

Vitor Bastos presented his Spring/Summer “REBORN” collection at Moda Lisboa.

REBORN is the closing chapter of the auto-biographical cycle that V!TOR started with RROM. RROM revolved around existential and deeply personal themes, Life And Death celebrated the death of… »

16 OctLisbon. Spring/Summer

Lidija Kolovrat Spring/Summer 2013

Lidija Kolovrat Spring/Summer 2013 collection was inspired by the Portuguese Catholic missions to Japan in the 16th century.

16 OctLisbon. Spring/Summer

Ricardo Dourado Spring/Summer 2013

Ricardo Dourado presented his Spring/Summer 2013 collection at Moda Lisboa, entitled  “West meets East”.

16 OctLisbon. Spring/Summer

Ricardo Andrez Spring/Summer 2013

“Repetition and uniformity as generating devices or identity dissolving agents are observed closely, or until you lose sight of them.”  This was the starting point for Ricardo Andrez Spring/Summer 2013 collection, entitled “Working For the Man”.

16 OctLisbon. Spring/Summer

Os Burgueses Spring/Summer 2013

Mia Lourenço and Eleutério presented their Spring/Summer 2013 collection for Os Burgueses at Moda Lisboa.

16 OctLisbon. Spring/Summer

Alexandra Moura Spring/Summer 2013

Alexandra Moura presented her Spring/Summer 2013 collection at Moda Lisboa, taking inspiration on a portuguese poem by Gabriel Barbi.

16 OctLisbon. Spring/Summer

Lidija Kolovrat Fall/Winter 2012

Lidija Kolovrat presented her Fall/Winter 2012 collection at ModaLisboa.

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