Dior Homme – Les Essentiels #9 – Summer Cashmere

Combining excellence with softness, summer cashmere from Dior Homme for Summer 2015 comes in lightweight form as a “false” three-button jacket or single-breasted coat fastened with horn buttons. A tailored look and hang, contrasted by the use of… »

26 AprSpring/Summer

ASMARA Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign

Sasha Marini fronts the Spring/Summer 2015 campaign of ASMARA, shot by Schah Eghbaly.

25 AprCampaigns. Spring/Summer

Dior Homme – Les Essentiels #9 – Knitwear

Dior Homme Summer 2015 knitwear revisits the classic crewneck sweater with sailor style. It appears with short or long sleeves, in cotton knits and tricolor stripes oF navy blue, yellow and white or navy blue, red and white…. »

22 AprSpring/Summer

PATH Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign

Chinese/German label PATH unveiled its Spring/Summer 2015 campaign.

22 AprCampaigns. Spring/Summer

Lacoste Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign

Brazilian model Alexandre Cunha fronts the Spring/Summer 2015 campaign of Lacoste, photographed by Jacob Sutton and styled by Jay Massacret.

18 AprCampaigns. Spring/Summer

Dior Homme – Les Essentiels #9 – All-over Print

The exclusive Dior Homme print for Summer 2015, “in between visions” spreads across a denim jacket worn over a houndstooth jacket. It comes embroidered on two-button jackets and straight trousers of houndstooth motif wool jacquard, and appears on… »

13 AprSpring/Summer

Givenchy Spring/Summer 2015 Watches Campaign

Tony Ward fronts the Spring/Summer 2015 Watches campaign of Givenchy, shot by Mert & Marcus.


Issey Miyake Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign

Corentin Renault fronts the Spring/Summer 2015 campaign of Issey Miyake.

10 AprCampaigns. Spring/Summer

F.Y. Twitter


4 días de documentales sobre moda en Barcelona. Descubre la primera edición de @MoritzFeedDog

27 Apr


Spanish fashion label HOSOI presents its second collection #BALANCÉ, as a journey that takes us back to his personal universe where masculinity and femininity are confused, very confused. The unisex… »


Dior Homme – Les Essentiels #9 – Suits/Stripes

For Summer 2015, Kris Van Assche, creative director of Dior Homme, plays with the striped suit, a menswear icon. He replaces the three-piece suit’s traditional waistcoat with a techno cotton knit tank of wide blue or yellow stripes. He… »

3 AprSpring/Summer

Ports 1961 Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign

Clément Chabernaud, Garrett Neff, Jon Kortajarena and RJ Rogenski front the Spring/Summer 2015 campaign of Ports 1961, captured by the lens of Milan Vukmirovic.


Sarar Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign

Sean O’Pry fronts the Spring/Summer 2015 campaign of Sarar, shot by Umit Savaci.

29 MarCampaigns. Spring/Summer

F.Y. Loves

I just love it.ritabook_love_fy0

RITA LINO. “Entartete” Book

Entartete (German for Degenerate) is the result of more than 10 years of auto-portraiture by the emerging Portuguese photographer, Rita Lino. A large series of experimental photographs of psychological or emotional moments taken primarily for the… »

22 Apr

PENSHOPPE Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign

Sean O’Pry fronts the Spring/Summer 2015 campaign of PENSHOPPE.

24 MarCampaigns. Spring/Summer

Trussardi Jeans Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign

Baptiste Radufe fronts the Spring/Summer 2015 campaign of Trussardi Jeans, captured by Roe Ethridge and styled by Anastasia Barbieri.

24 MarCampaigns. Spring/Summer

MELINDAGLOSS Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign

Otto Lotz fronts the Spring/Summer 2015 campaign of MELINDAGLOSS, captured by the lens of Lachlan Bailey.

23 MarCampaigns. Spring/Summer

A.P.C. Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign

Dennis Van Steenwinkel fronts the Spring/Summer 2015 campaign of A.P.C., shot by Walter Pfeiffer and styled by Suzanne Koller.

23 MarCampaigns. Spring/Summer

Tru Trussardi Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign

Baptiste Radufe fronts the Spring/Summer 2015 campaign of Tru Trussardi, shot by Roe Ethridge and styled by Anastasia Barbieri.

23 MarCampaigns. Spring/Summer

Lafaille Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign

Lafaille unveiled its Spring/Summer 2015 campaign, featuring Daniel Alwell and Antoine Kassabji photographed by Antoine Larochelle and styled by Rima Chahine.

19 MarCampaigns. Spring/Summer

Massimo Dutti “New York City” Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign

Jon Kortajarena, Florian Van Bael and Shaun de Wet front the Spring/Summer 2015 campaign of Massimo Dutti, photographed by Hunter & Gatti and styled by Marina Gallo.

19 MarCampaigns. Spring/Summer

BOSS Green Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign

Mikkel Jensen fronts the Spring/Summer 2015 campaign of BOSS Green, photographed by Hunter & Gatti.

18 MarCampaigns. Spring/Summer
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Since forever man has looked up at the “sparkly dots” in the sky. As Pumba said, stars are “balls of gas burning billions of miles away”, but to our ancestors they were much more than that. To celebrate the mystery and attraction that the zodiac universe evokes in us, we’ve dedicated this issue to it. To magic, to the unknown, to revelations, to hunches, to the stars, to magicians, sorceresses and visionaries. Like Sailor Moon, we stand for love and we also stand for justice. And in the name of the Moon, we present you with the ZODIAC issue!

Spring/Summer 2015