Xavi Fornaguera’s story starts in Costa Brava, where he grew up surrounded by the natural beauty that would later inspire his music. At eighteen, Xavi took a significant step by moving to Barcelona to study at the Taller de Músics. This move marked the beginning of his public journey, as he started performing at various Jams around the city, slowly building his reputation.

His musical project is deeply rooted in his personal history and the diverse musical styles he studied. These influences led to the creation of his first major work, “Self Destruction,” which was released in December 2023.

With his latest single, “Depender,” Xavi explores the pressures of being an artist, such as the need to expose oneself and the imbalance between giving and receiving in the creative process. The song is a reflection of his experiences in the music industry, where he often felt used and uncomfortable with the demands placed upon him. “Depender” is about recognizing the dependencies that can hold back creativity, like the constraints of musical academia, and the insecurities that come with simplicity. Despite being told he wasn’t ready, Xavi chose to ignore the critics and focus on what truly satisfies him as an artist.

In his collaboration with Edmond “Groove2070,” Xavi sought to break away from his insecurities and the pressures of doing “the right thing.” The result is a production that aligns with what his heart desires, showcasing his evolution from the shores of Costa Brava to the heart of Barcelona’s music scene.

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