Cold Culture is stepping into the jewelry scene with its first collection, Cold Jewelry”. This new line includes 32 pieces, featuring rings, necklaces, bracelets, and bangles, all nodding to the brand’s history while bringing something new to your wardrobe.

Highlights include the “bones necklace & bones bracelet” set, offering a unique edge to your look, and the “dice bracelet,” which brings a fun element to the mix. You’ll also find sailor-inspired chains and floral designs, alongside the signature spiral of Mr. Lotus from the brand’s recent formal wear collection.

Cold Culture’s campaign captures the essence of this new venture: it’s bold, it’s fresh, and it’s got attitude. With this first drop, Cold Jewelry is all about high-quality pieces with a touch of inspiration and a nod to the past, all handmade in Spain.

Check out the campaign images below: