In answer to the question in the headline, absolutely yes. And if it’s not these, then almost. These sunglasses we’re referring to, which have recently arrived on the market, are signed by eyewear expert A. SOCIETY and surrealist artist OFFGOD, who have collaborated in the development of a capsule collection.

The collection, specialising in accessories of this type, consists mainly of three models, whose common goal, in addition to not going unnoticed, is to embrace the concept of coexisting in the present with multiple identities.

Each of them is named with a different name, and they are FORM, MORPH, and VERN. The first two mentioned with removable magnetic forms could be called the most “moderate” of the offer, not only because of the colours they are made in, white, grey and black but also because if you compare their respective forms with those of the third model, you will see the great difference there is, as far as subtlety is concerned.

VERN is the last model referred to above, and the one that is undoubtedly the highlight of the capsule. If you take a look at it and see its garish yellow colour and surreal XL shape, you will understand everything. Plus, something else that makes them the star of the collection is that they feature scratch-resistant nylon lenses and are compatible with Apple’s AirPods Max earbuds.

Of this particular model, Mok commented: “Vern [is] a supervillain alter ego I’ve created, marking a new era not just in my appearance but my mindset. The mask represents going against the grain, thinking outside the box, not being scared of being judged by the general public but being daring enough to make something nobody has seen or wear something people would not normally wear. Especially living somewhere like Hong Kong where most people are taught to stay in line and keep your mouths shut. Vern is the inner voice that keeps telling me to push the boundaries and express freely through my art.”

Which of the three sunglasses is your favourite? Check out the images and if you’re thinking of getting your hands on any of them, you can do so now on the A. SOCIETY website.