The multifaceted artist formerly known as Egosex or Spirit Disco now begins a new musical phase adopting his birth name, Wekaforé. After a long hiatus, he just revealed his new single “Jubilee (Water Dey My Body)”, an electronic dance anthem produced in collaboration with Simone Salvi and multi-instrumentalist producer Pional.

It is a celebration of past difficult times as well as a release from the powers that try to hold you down. A jubilation as the title implies, celebrates his newly found freedom and is the first sample of his debut album “Alma Fetish”, which introduces us to the new postmodern universe of soul, theater, trance and the most primitive essence of Wekaforé.

The song is accompanied by a hypnotic animation-like interactive video and Wekaforé will also begin his film career very soon, with musical performances in “Rainbow”, the next film directed by Paco León.

Watch the video below: