While the MELLER crew is close to catching the culprit, anyone possessing the Limited Editon sunglasses must follow the protocol: keep slaying hard and serving the most sensational outfits. It’s a showdown time. Put a spell on the collector. Let’s get the MELLERs back. And the heads, eventually. Priorities.

Annie Brooks, aka sausagelord one of the most exciting fashion content creators right now, has a Thing for Limited Edition Sunnies. Annie becomes the MELLER Head Collector, a deadly gorgeous thief with a thing for MELLERs. It’s simple to get carried away with Annie. She has a notorious reputation for manipulating her victims and encircling them around her immaculate little finger. They won’t even care in the end.

Presenting Limited Edition Halloween eyewear from MELLER. Five popular models from the consumer base are included in the capsule collection, reimagined in a frightening color scheme of orange lenses with black frames. EKON’s ubiquitous, simplistic design makes it the perfect daytime partner for any mild mischief. For a seamless transition into the evening, AYO and GAMAL are the best options. A 90s-inspired team, BRON and BARACK are perfect for any kind of midnight activity, whether it’s exercising the fit at a spooky house party or an unplanned bloody rave.

MELLER is dedicated to sustainability at all times. The main component of the brand’s better tomorrow is Rilsan® Clear G850 Rnew®, a bio-based resin that is an eco-friendly substitute for products derived from petroleum. The novel biodegradable polymer is composed of 45% bio-based materials and is derived from the seeds of the castor plant. It lessens CO2 emissions and its impact on the environment. Thirty percent of the energy consumed during manufacture is saved by Meller.

Trick or treat? The answer is always MELLER.

Check out the campaign images below: