Captured through the lens of Chris Rhodes, the Spring/Summer 2023 Accessories Campaign unveils the brand’s remarkable debut in jewelry and footwear collections.

Meticulously crafted by skilled artisans in Krobo, Ghana, these pieces boast a harmonious fusion of local materials. Recycled glass beads, eggshell disc beads, lustrous freshwater pearls, and exquisitely casted silver intertwine to create each piece. In a testament to their artisanal nature, no two creations are alike, offering a truly unique and cherished accessory for the discerning individual.

Not stopping at jewelry alone, Wales Bonner proudly presents its inaugural footwear collection, an embodiment of Italian craftsmanship executed in collaboration with the esteemed Himco. Drawing inspiration from the traditional babouche slipper, their sumptuous loafers redefine sophistication with opulent suede and captivating animal prints. For those seeking a touch of contemporary flair, leather strap sandals grace the scene, elevated by their distinctive square-toe soles. A tribute to the collection’s musical muse, the kora instrument, heeled ankle boots emerge, their supple leather adorned with shimmering silver studs, resonating with both style and rhythm.

Take a look at the SS23 Accessories Campaign below: