VOLCHOK unveiled its new collection titled “TIRAN”. The Russian brand wanted to create a collection that is emphatically simple and rude.

TIRAN could be the name of a musical group that touches on political and social themes in its compositions.”

VOLCHOK explores the cultural characteristics of black metal, the tremulous attitude of its followers, the subcultural attributes and traditions, and their constant attacks on so-called “posers”, who don’t deserve to be called true metalheads – most of the time for unexplained reasons.

We find it kind of funny that on this stage fingers are often being pointed at certain artists for not being “true” enough. However, this genre is evolving and getting popular, many bands are striving to use a wider musical palette, lines are being blurred and re-drawn and we believe that any classifications in music today are almost irrelevant and inconsequential.”

Take a look at the collection below: