When legendary British fashion meets the spirit of “Built to Resist” by Eastpak, you know something extraordinary is in the making. Vivienne Westwood and Eastpak have joined forces to create a collection of accessories that seamlessly blend classic designs with the distinctive DNA of the British design house.

This collaborative collection breathes new life into Eastpak’s timeless designs, infusing them with the iconic “Planets” print. This print, first introduced in Andreas Kronthaler’s Spring/Summer 2019 runway show for Vivienne Westwood, draws inspiration from the concept of the “Saturn Return” in astrology. It’s a rare cosmic occurrence that signifies significant change and transformation as the planet Saturn returns to the same position it occupied at a person’s birth. The focus on Saturn in the planetary print symbolizes the urgent need for a significant shift in our planet’s treatment.

But this collection isn’t just about style; it’s designed with longevity and practicality in mind. Each sustainable piece is crafted using recycled materials and synthetic leather, embodying the commitment to sustainability that both brands share.

What’s even more impressive is that this collection has a bigger purpose. It proudly supports the Cool Earth initiative, a charitable organization dedicated to protecting endangered tropical forests, combating global warming, preserving ecosystems, and providing local employment opportunities.

Check out the collection below: