The holy grail of fashion, made possible by a snake. Phoebe Heess is on the quest to create the darkest t-shirt in the world.

How do you create a fabric that is blacker than black? The blackest material on earth is made of carbon nanotubes. However, nano particles aren’t fit to wear on your skin. But in nature, there is an example of an organism that uses ultra black: The Gaboon Viper. This solution led designer Phoebe Heess to a prototype which reflects 40% less light than any other black fabric they tested it against.



To make the shirt most comfortable and to prevent allergies, Phoebe Heess decided to use high quality cotton. There are inserts of 3D Mesh, currently one of our favourite materials, on the sleeves and the back. She have used her expertise received from over half a decade designing in the sportswear industry to create the best performance fit for the male and female body.

The invention itself is made, but they now need the support of the Kickstarter Crowd to reach 100 orders for covering marketing costs, to make it feasible for their partner to revamp the large production machines, and to finalise the product (i.e. make it washable). If possible, they will continue to work on making the fabric even blacker.


You can support Phoebe Heess HERE and get your Viperblack – The First Blacker Than Black T-Shirt!