What does the date 5th June 2023 tell you? Probably for many it was an insignificant day and even went unnoticed, but for lovers of the industry and specifically of the fashion house VETEMENTS, creatively directed by Guram Gvasalia, it was a special moment that made some of them quite excited and made their hearts skip a beat, as it was the day that through the brands’ favourite platform to announce something, Instagram, it was confirmed what many were waiting for, the presentation of the Spring/Summer 2024 collection.

From that day until earlier this week, they have been generating excitement through their channel by announcing a show that never happened, which made some people angry and sad. But to their consolation, at least the wait was worth it, as the line unveiled in lookbook format exceeded expectations.

VETEMENTS is one of those brands that is difficult to understand, and which many people don’t see the point of, but if you look closely you will understand (more or less) what they want to convey, and you will automatically come to love them, especially for the disruptive designs they make and for its groundbreaking aesthetics.

Breaking the mold and challenging is something they are used to, and this season was not going to be any less. The issue of the “status quo” is something that particularly stirs the brand’s team, so they wanted to take it up again and challenge it, and it looks like until they win, they’re not going to stop. It’s good to challenge certain issues, and it’s to be applauded, but there are times when touching on certain issues can become controversial, and even more so when you’re selling jeans for over 1400 euros.

Regardless of this reflection, the proposal comes with a clear objective, which is to redefine contemporary fashion and, as a culmination of the brand’s bold vision, present a diverse range of garments to suit a multitude of styles, occasions, and fashion sensibilities. At the heart of the offering is a new take on casual wear, the fruit of a vast process of exploration, where the company’s irreverent approach breathes new life into everyday basics, encompassing everything from reimagined denim to oversized T-shirts. It’s time to elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary and infuse each garment with unique details and unexpected twists, where comfort and style are not at odds. At the same time, Guram and his team have decided to delve into the world of haute couture, where exquisite craftsmanship and meticulous detailing predominate. In this part, there are impeccably tailored suits as well as embellished ensembles that epitomize luxury and sophistication, and consequently, add a new angle to what many may consider couture.

Going beyond the clothing of the two styles mentioned in the previous paragraph, VETEMENTS also delves into niche aesthetics, pushing the boundaries of what is considered “fashion”, and drawing inspiration from subcultures, street styles, and avant-garde influences. By embracing the unconventional and celebrating the diversity of fashion expression, they understand a part of this with experimental silhouettes and bold prints, and crazy combinations. Are you ready to embrace individuality? VETEMENTS says yes and invites you to do so.

However, the exploration undertaken is not limited to niche aesthetics alone, as the brand seamlessly fuses its unique vision with broad appeal, creating designs that resonate with a wider audience. By combining avant-garde elements with contemporary sensibilities, the fashion house achieves a balance that transcends fashion boundaries, offering a collection that captivates both the fashion-conscious and those seeking an accessible yet distinctive style. This style is also further emphasized and intrigued by the collection’s patterns and prints, which are characteristic of the brand and relate to the brand’s fearless spirit and commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Spring/Summer 2024 of VETEMENTS by Guram Gvasalia ultimately represents the milestone in the fashion house’s legacy of exploration and redefinition, and is a testament to its commitment to inclusivity, celebrating the broad spectrum of fashion and encouraging wearers to express themselves with authenticity and without limits. Check out the collection below: