We all want magic. Although it seems childish, it is not. From the youngest to the oldest, we all desire it, even when we don’t believe in it. Day by day, we constantly look for magic to escape from reality and make it a little more unique, even if only for a few seconds. Perhaps we find magic in watching a movie, hearing an old legend from our elders, hanging with someone we like on a romantic date, or even in fashion. Claiming fashion as an authentic source of fantasy is legitimate. The industry has been feeding our desire to fly for years and la Maison Christian Louboutin is no exception. With his legendary shoes, Christian Louboutin has been making us walk on art for decades thanks to his creations always characterized by their red sole. Like Dorothy with her ruby slippers, certain shoes have a magic-like ability to create new fairytales where you find yourself as the lead character in the story you write with every step.

Christian Louboutin is a shoe wiz with Paris his Emerald City, we have all fallen in love with his talent, from the women wearing his high stilettos to the men wearing his tight and sensual ankle boots. Now, in collaboration with actress and a longtime friend of the house, Rossy de Palma, Christian Louboutin presents in its FALL/WINTER 2023 MEN COLLECTION called Flamencaba with several bags and shoes for men and women that are ready to surprise us. Among them are the Dandyflor and Esmeraldo loafers representing the duality between day and night, gold and dark. But the big blitz in this collection is the fabulous and provocative ROSALIO boot whose creation has been inspired by one of the places most characterized by folklore and mysticism: Andalusia. This area of southern Spain with all its incredible stories full of impossible romances, flamenco, and supernatural passions feeds the imagination that has given birth to this new creation that emanates a special spell, the Louboutin spell.

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Photography: Paris se quema @paris_se_quema
Producer and words: Juan Marti @sswango
Model : John Brown @jb.detailmains