TOMBOGO unveiled the Girbogo Jeans, a product born from the runway and now available for public acquisition. The release is a response to the overwhelming demand from the brand’s dedicated followers. The Girbogo Jeans are a tribute to the exuberant Hyphy movement, a cultural wave that swept through California’s Bay Area, influencing the early 2000s hip-hop scene and lifestyle.

The brand’s founder, Tommy Bogo, an Oakland native, infuses his designs with the essence of his upbringing and the Hyphy movement’s legacy. The Girbogo Jeans are crafted to be worn low-waisted, featuring upcycled straps at the knee and ankle for an adjustable fit. They boast ten extra pockets, a cinch belt at the waist, and branded metal hardware, showcasing TOMBOGO’s fresh logo. Available in three colorways—washed blue/green, workwear taupe, and vintage black—these jeans embody the early 2000s style with a contemporary edge.

For the campaign’s video, Bogo engaged the Bay Area’s vibrant creative scene, casting artists deeply influenced by the Hyphy era. The lineup includes P-Lo, Kool John, Jay Anthony of HBK Gang, ALLBLACK, Nef The Pharaoh, Karri, Jahlil Nzinga, Tiana Parker, and Tia Nomore, all Bay Area natives. They represent the “Neo-Hyphy” movement, a fresh wave of Bay Area creativity redefining the iconic era through fashion, art, music, and film.

In conjunction with the jeans, TOMBOGO introduces the “Yellow Bus Rydah” graphic tee, first seen at NYFW. The Girbogo Jeans are now available through a raffle on

Check out the campaign images below:


To mark the occasion, TOMBOGO will host a pop-up shop, further celebrating the collection’s debut and the enduring influence of the Hyphy movement:

TOMBOGO Girbogo Pop-Up Event
Address: Oakland Technical High School
4351 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94611
Date: Saturday, March 30th, 2024
Time: 12pm – 6pm PST