The concept of code-switching and the idea of using clothing as a means of protection and self-expression are the two key elements inspiring the Fall/Winter 2023 collection of British-Nigerian designer Tokyo James.

After being nominated for the LVMH Prize, James returns to present his proposal at Milan Fashion Week. This one is all about code-switching, which has to do with the act of adapting one’s language, behavior, or appearance to fit into a more dominant or widely accepted culture. Because who hasn’t worn something to shield themselves from criticism? Come on, many of you must have done it at some point. Everyone has insecurities and there are times when we don’t feel like showing them.

FW23 by Tokyo James, far from offering eccentric pieces like the ones in his last line, introduces a mix of traditional silhouettes with a modern touch, in which the characteristic zip appears, but in a more subtle way. The denim, an adaptable material, can be worn throughout the seasons and adds the necessary versatility to the line. The oversized pocket flaps are another highlight of the collection, helping to create unique, functional, and stylish pieces that work well with the bold color palette and striking, practical textures. See the example of the classic black and white combination or the purple and yellow tones.

In conclusion, Tokyo James’s latest proposal serves as a reminder of the power of clothing, which can be used and seen as a means of protection and self-expression in a world where judgments and assumptions are often made based on appearances. The important thing in all of this is to be able to adapt to different environments and situations while remaining true to oneself.

See the collection below: