Tíscar Espadas presented the latest CAPÍTULO V collection. The pursuit of blending progressive designs with the finesse of handcraft led them to discover the talents of skilled artisans whose hearts were devoted to the cause. The doors opened to a new era of TÍSCAR ESPADAS, where hand-woven Spanish untreated wool jerseys and cardigans, carefully crafted by Carmen Peraita, took center stage.

The collection gained an extra layer of depth and dimension through the collaboration with Amsterdam-based sculptor Shane Valentine, who added ceramic brooches, tie rings, and bag holders. These intricately formed shapes and textures delighted the senses, elevating the allure of the entire collection.

In keeping with CAPÍTULO II, TÍSCAR ESPADAS joined forces once again with Barcelona’s renowned artisan shoemakers, Aldanondoyfdez. Their expertise and unique perspectives seamlessly intertwined with the brand’s vision, resulting in exquisite footwear. The concept and shape development of each shoe were refined in their Switzerland workshop, in collaboration with ceramic and 3D designer Serafin Robin Frei. The shoes’ durability and aesthetic were perfected with a handmade transformation of the soles into wood.

As one navigates through CAPÍTULO V, the successful fusion of traditional craftsmanship with innovation becomes evident. Meticulously selected materials ensure the collection boasts the highest quality fabrics, offering comfort, longevity, and an ideal canvas for the exclusive hand-screen-printed INFINITE SHIRT. Each garment is infused with the mark of human craftsmanship and unwavering attention to detail, granting a sense of individuality and uniqueness to every piece.

Check out the collection below:

creative direction: tiscar espadas
art direction: kevin kohler
studio assistants: carmen idigoras, sara rekalde, santiago daza santana
photography: juan borgognoni
photography assistant: marko barrier
hair and make-up: sara ayala
models: maddi, santiago daza santana, kamil sznajder
shoemakers: aldanondoyfdez
3d designer: serafin robin frei
knitwear: carmen peraita
ceramic objects: shane valentine