“No me olvidéis” (Forget Me Not) is the new short film by Berlin-based Spanish independent adult film director Noel Alejandro and stars multidisciplinary artist Javier Des Leon, which is his first fictional role, by the way.

The short film is about a telephone conversation inspired by Pedro Almodóvar’s “The Human Voice”, but from the point of view of the person on the other end of the line, and explores a sentimental break-up from the perspective of someone who decides to end a stable relationship to find their own path in life.


Through a telephone conversation in which we never get to see or hear the interlocutor, only the protagonist, Noel Alejandro delves into such deep and universal themes as the fear of loneliness, 21st-century individualism, or the doubts when making a vital decision from which it is difficult to turn back. To do this, Noel Alejandro uses very few characters. There is Leo, the protagonist (played by Javier des Leon); Raúl, his partner until now, on the other end of the phone; and an anonymous young man (played by Abel Sanztin) whose sexual encounter with Leo triggers the decision to end the relationship. But there is also the constant presence of a fourth character, silent but observant: a coffin in the middle of the living room where the scene takes place, which indirectly questions the protagonist about the wisdom of his decision.

This is a short film for adults, with a clear emphasis on sexual content, but where we find a paradox present throughout Noel Alejandro’s filmography: although sex is the main theme of the film, at the same time it is nothing more than an excuse to talk about the depths of human relationships. Relationships which, in many cases, can arise thanks to sex, but which, at the same time, can relationships which, in many cases, can arise thanks to sex, but which can also break down because of it.

Unlike what usually happens in adult films, Noel Alejandro’s short films not only delve into the context of the sexual relationship but also stand out for their high artistic quality in terms of the careful framing and lighting, the control of time, the use of music or the acting level of the performers.

Three days left until the premiere of Noel Alejandro’s “No me olvidéis” (Forget Me Not). Where can you see it? On his website, by clicking here.