Tel Aviv-based photographer and art-director Or Edny present in exclusive for Fucking Young! Online, a new project documenting quarantine from a different angle, titled “The Weissman’s ׳הוייסמני”.

Edny decided to step out of the Tel Aviv Bubble and started a photographed diary that follows four brothers while wandering in & around their garden in a small village in the North Central area of Israel.

While wandering around their secret garden, where they grew up, built, created, studied, and played their entire life, I found a fantasy world that seems almost unreal and absolutely detached from the environmental and social context. These boys are hippie and loving and also so different from the urban tough crowd. I think that the confluence with them and my camera brought to life a new escapism journey.” – said the photographer

These photos convey the feeling of a detached fantasy, that is trapped between childhood’s naive games and their slightly distant male image, referring to an opposite reality.