The Mall of Anonymous” is an exhibition conceived by the multitalented Shayne Oliver and curated by Fredi Fischli and Niels Olsen. This showcase merges Oliver’s groundbreaking fashion legacy with his personal journey and abstract musings, marking a new chapter in his artistic journey.

Hood by Air, the fashion collective Oliver co-founded, revolutionized the luxury market with its inclusive, gender-fluid, and subculture-inspired approach. Growing up immersed in nightlife and dance music, he embraced queer culture, becoming the embodiment of a new generation, politically aware and unapologetically outspoken.

Within Schinkel Pavillon, the exhibition transforms into a two-and-a-half-story walk-in sculpture, representing Oliver’s three upcoming brands. His conviction that personal experience fuels creativity takes center stage, as the architecture mirrors the labyrinthine headspace where ideas are born – both functional and surreal.

A poignant sculpture symbolizes Oliver’s struggles and embrace of his upbringing, searching for new families, inspiration, and love in this immersive experience. “The Mall of Anonymous” playfully deconstructs traditional consumerist infrastructure, highlighting its historical legacy and inevitable decline, now replaced by digital domains devoid of dripping ice cream on fresh sneakers.

At the heart of this artistic world stands a three-headed, acid-green chihuahua, a whimsical yet potent symbol of guardianship, inspired by Cerberus and a blend of cultures and pop culture references. The creature’s simplicity harbors a universe of meanings and ideas, a superhero protecting the fruits of creative labor.

Oliver’s work has always been deeply personal, resonating globally with its unique perspective. Today, he finds beauty in simplicity, crafting garments that answer questions and capture the essence of the moment, leaving an unforgettable mark in the fashion world.

12. August 2023 – 2. September 2023
Opening: 11. August 19:00