Julian Zigerli has teamed up with Berlin-based artist Andi Fischer to create a new collection. The collection, titled ‘The Limit Does Not Exist – Part 1’, is the first of a series of drops that will showcase the collaboration between the two creative minds.

The prints are inspired by Fischer’s paintings and drawings, which simulate a child-like naiveté influenced by art history. Fischer’s works are devoid of traditional symbols and create a new reality where viewers have to interpret their own meanings. He also juxtaposes conventional references, such as bible stories, with unconventional forms, creating visual oppositions that challenge the norms.

Zigerli’s collection is an unapologetic attempt to cross borders from body to mind into different universes and spaces. He does not limit himself when it comes to creating garments and making decisions on whether something is good or bad or approved by the general society. He experiments with shapes, colors, textures, and materials, creating pieces that are exciting, unique, and expressive.

Check out the collection below:


PHOTOGRAPHY: @sabina_bosch
CREATIVE DIRECTION: @julianzigerli84
HAIR & MAKE-UP: @anamarijaivos
MODEL: Mikka F. @Scout