British singer Harry Styles seems passionate about other fields beyond music, such as beauty. In case you didn’t know, the former One Direction member has his own gender-neutral beauty brand, Pleasing, which consists of a line of fragrances and scented candles, just unveiled.

The range is composed of three styles, called Rivulets, characterised by a fresh and floral scent, achieved through the union of ambrette, lemon, and Madagascar pepper seeds, and balanced with accords of white linen and poplin flower; the Bright and Warm candle, which as its name suggests, is designed for use in environments that require a certain touch of warmth and is further intensified by notes of plum and tobacco leaves; and finally, Closeness, that blends warmth with sensual notes of wood and musk.

All the candles are distinguished not only by their components but also by the fact that they are made with the help of French perfumer Robertet and are presented in a two-tone plum container with a lid. Each contains 250 ml of natural soy wax with an optimized formula for its reference scent.

Now the question many are wondering: How much are the Harry Styles scented candles worth? 80 pounds sterling or 83 dollars. The three models are already available for purchase on the brand’s website. Get your hands on any of them by clicking here.