The charm of the unknown, the Sun Eclipse and the Concorde’s last flight documented by Peter Marlow, as inspiration which invites to reflect on the human states of surprise and discovery when he looks up to Heaven. To snatch the secrets and to be mesmerized.

Art Direction & Styling: Alessia Caliendo
Photographers: Ragazzi nei Paraggi (William Frank & Guido Pancotti)
Video Director: Jonathan Emma
Make-up: Ginevra Calie Hair Marco Steri
Models: Amedeo @ No logo management, Armin @ Boom models, Vincent, Andrea, and Edoardo.
Brands: Kenzo, Andrea Pompilio, Colmar, Lanvin, SOYA Vertical Connection, Adidas, Acne Studios, GCDS, Trussardi, Magliano, Missoni, Ralph Lauren, M1992, Lacoste Box boots Kenzo, Paul Smith, and Marni.


It is the vertical connection and the creative flair of the gifted designer Matteo Pontello that brought the Italian eyewear brand SO▲YA to light. Driven by a strong desire to take a challenge and to bring forth an independent project, the young yet innovative collections boast an effective presence on the Web and are yet part of renowned trade fairs.


The SO▲YA logo is a play on words intersecting the symbolic meaning of the triangle and represents the connection that allows the receiving of ideas than going outward. How and when was the project born and what does it mean to transmit starting with its logo?   

In the last 15 years, I have worked for some big-league eyewear players worldwide such as Marcolin, Safilo, Kering Eyewear and Thélios (LVMH+Marcolin) and my creative portfolio includes Céline, Fendi and Bottega Veneta. My dream of establishing my own brand SOYA Eyewear came true in 2015 and I’ve been the Keeper of this project ever since. SOYA is a magic word, SO YES! I feel I have found my own Way, the VERTICAL CONNECTION, I can say ‘’This is the right way!’’

The triangle relates Sky to Earth, it’s a symbol that intuitively perceives beauty and creativity.


Your brand drummed up interest in its products at Mido, one of the leading international optical fairs. Models like Milky Way, Voo e Alma have already won the market’s heart. What about their design and main features?

I just want a smooth design with Sacred Geometry-inspired lines of immediate impact. The marmorized effect in white is intended as a texture. The brand’s main features are the iconic temples with contrasting volumes, the colors, the shapes and the logo triangle.

MILKY WAY is a special model. By making the most of the surgical steel’s lightness we brushed an artisanal polishing, that is obtained through a long procedure, onto the frame. With VOO we first used the Drop Effect, a series of raised droplets on the metallic frame, while ALMA symbolizes the balance and harmony between roomy shapes and a comfortable fitting. For this last model, we enlarged the color spectrum and proposed the color blocking along with the marmorized effect and the transparency of pink elements.


Wholly designed and produced in Italy, but sold far and wide, each product draws inspiration from art. What are the uplifting references new offerings borrow from?

It all springs from a personal journey that helped me be more open-minded and receptive so, the pursuit of beauty all around, from art to fashion, interior design and nature become a soul nurture. Everything is a source of inspiration to create a new pair of sunglasses. The WW model, for instance, originated while looking at a picture of tridimensional elements with raised pyramidal textures. Modern fashion, especially streetwear, inspires me much and I jump at the chance to come to envision creations for the fashion folks.  


How does SO▲YA prefigure the future market of artisanal eyewear?

The market will be even more demanding and product-sensitive in the future. There’s a global awakening conscience that will echo within the world of fashion; the final user will be more sensitive to beauty, quality and to a creation made with love and passion. I think that the new luxury is the time if you cherish a high-quality product you have to praise it and enjoy the wait.


What are the brand’ strategies and ambitions for the next seasons?

I heartily long to create a REAL product where the Italian craftsmanship supports an astounding and ever-evolving aesthetics. I aim to cause quite a stir with SOYA and I want our products to enrich the customers’ identity. We will be at the Silmo fair in Paris for the first time, and we will present our latest array of sunglasses with new shapes and colors. Another project that matters to us is the launch of our e-commerce on and Instagram urged by a great international demand.