What’s new about the hysteric girl rolling her body in the church floor while mimicking to her latest single? Nothing. It’s probably a new face and certainly her clothes have been updated. Still, it’s that same archetype woman, or gay man, that needs to have a Madonna moment crying out loud how bad she’s possessed by a male. Histrionic females (I’m including myself in the lead) are doomed. Doomed to be rejected precisely by the man they wanted to be loved by. We’ve came to accept this as a dominant and unsolvable criteria of the universe. No matter whom that guy might be: if you’re madly possessed, he will madly ditch you. Accept it. Take a pill; and have yourself a Florence/Madonna moment in front of your bathroom mirror, at least, twice a day. The psychology that feeds this process is simple: feeling the latent and eminent rejection that the male object is covering, a histrionic woman, will take it as a challenge and determines unconsciously to commit her whole self into buying those extra 60% of male love lacking from the relationship since the very beginning.  Seems wicked? No. It’s just girlish. Girls will only desire what they feel it’s unavailable; and when it comes to men, the less available they are, the more obsessed they’ll be. Think shoes. Have you ever come across to a shoe fight at a Zara store? No. But you’ve certainly seen females being backstabbed over some vintage Chanel flats lost in the flea market racket of some Pakistani guy. Yes. They might cost the same, and probably both will make an impact (at least male wise concerned impact): but truth is, women will love the very object that says: unavailable, crime scene, or war zone.  It’s the curse of beauty: to forever miss what you couldn’t have, and easily dismiss what you already have. End.