Kyiv played host to the sensational LGBTQIA+ Film Festival, SUNNY BUNNY, from June 22-28, and the winners have been unveiled.

Adrián Silvestre’s film, “My Emptiness and I,” claimed the coveted top prize in the International Feature Film Competition, as decided by the jury comprising Frank Finance-Madureira, Dennis Ruh, and Anna Melikova.

In their heartfelt deliberation, the jury remarked: “We were emotionally moved and physically touched by this story which allows us to follow the intense process of searching and discovering self-definition and new intimacy. With braveness and realness, charm and glamour, honesty and respect, anatomical precision and poetic sensitivity, the director and the actress have made this film as creative partners and showed us that if you want, you can be a real girl with or without a vagina”.

The jury also acknowledged outstanding contributions from two other films in the competition. Fábio Leal’s “Follow the Protocol” was lauded for its audacious queer spirit, cleverness, humor, political undertones, and unforgettable, original cinematic moments.

Additionally, Claudia Varejão’s “Wolf and Dog” received a special mention for its captivating portrayal of the interplay between tradition, religion, and queerness on a secluded Portuguese island in the Atlantic Ocean. The film’s enchanting fairytale-like narrative earned it recognition as one of the competition’s most formidable contenders.

Following the awards ceremony, the viewers’ choice for the most captivating film was revealed. Maryam Touzani’s “The Blue Caftan,” a compelling tale revolving around Halim and Minau, proud owners of a traditional caftan store in one of Morocco’s oldest cities, clinched the prestigious Audience Award at SUNNY BUNNY.