…aka the hot list. Chances are, if you follow the shows (like I do) and happen to wonder “who’s that boy on the runway?” (like I ALWAYS DO), his name is on this list. Find below the very exclusive pool of boys ruling the runways this season at New York Fashion Week.


The Superstars:

They are European runway familiars, with campaigns and prestigious runway shows under their belts (pun intended), they are the strong core of most castings. They also had a stunning season in NYC.

Yannick Abrath and Guerrino Santulliana

Felix Gesnouin, Baptiste Radufe, Louis Steyaert, Robert Laby

Andrew Westermann and Tommaso de Benedictis

Laurie Harding

Adam Butcher and Kristoffer Hasslevall

Abel Van Oeveren

Ian Sharp

Jeroen Smits

Benjamin Jarvis

Harry Curran


The American sweethearts:

Either American-bred or established in the US, those boys are the best of what America has to offer. Their ubiquitous presence on the runways of American designers only make sense from that perspective.

Max Von Isser

John Hein

Fernando Cabral

Charlie Himmelstein


The Up and Comers:

They all started with great seasons in Europe and kept on being thr good work during New York Fashion Week. Those are definitely boys to watch.

Roberto Sipos

Dylan River and Louis Steyaert

Matthias Bex

Photos by Jae Fu & Joshua Woods during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York, in exclusive for Fucking Young!