Boiler Room is set to unveil its Spring/Summer 2024 collection, a series deeply rooted in the essence of its community—both those who shine on camera and those who operate it. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant energy of dance floors around the world, the collection is crafted with the practical needs of ravers, DJs, and the Boiler Room crew in mind. The range features durable canvas materials for longevity, numerous pockets for ample storage, and breathable mesh items for the ultimate dance experience.

The SS24 line marks a significant evolution for Boiler Room’s apparel offerings, emphasizing the quality of fabric and precision of cut rather than conspicuous branding. The collection is designed to be versatile, suitable for playing at, attending, or managing a Boiler Room event. This season’s trends, such as utility and workwear, are evident in standout items like the multi-pocketed Cargo Jacket and trousers, and the robust, zippered Rider Jacket constructed from sturdy canvas. Playfulness and self-reference are woven throughout, with designs that seek to ‘mythologize’ the Boiler Room identity—be it through slogans sourced from YouTube comments, event visuals transformed into all-over prints, or graphics that encapsulate the rave ethos: authenticity and hydration are key. The SS24 palette is a kaleidoscope of color, featuring vivid lime and purple, alongside softer hues of blue, gravel, and olive.

Check it out below:


Boiler Room’s SS24 collection is set to launch on Thursday, 7th March 2024, available at Boiler Room’s online shop and a broadened network of global retailers such as END., LN-CC, and SNS, now reaching 28 stores worldwide for this season.