Dive into the essence of summer with Sheep Inc.‘s latest SS24 collection, titled “Solar Waves.” This collection is a celebration of solar alchemy, where each color narrates its own vibrant tale. The designs, kissed by the sun’s playful touch, are immersed in a spectrum of fractured light, creating waves of color that originate from machines energized by the sun itself. This is the embodiment of Sheep Inc.’s ethos: crafting designs that are as eternal as the sun above and as eco-conscious as the earth below.

Sheep Inc.’s dedication to sustainability is evident in every stride they take. By sourcing carbon-negative wool and harnessing the power of solar energy for their knitting machines, they ensure that their impact is always considered. Their initiatives extend to offering repair services, embracing a circular fashion model, and promoting garment recycling. Moreover, their apparel is designed to be 100% biodegradable, ensuring that they leave no trace in the form of textile waste. Above all, Sheep Inc. strives to create garments that endure, challenging the disposable nature of fast fashion.

Check out the collection below: