There is always a moment of total clarity. A clarity that appears when you move away from your origins, from your hometown to leave for a while, perhaps forever or just a few days. It doesn’t matter if you go very far or just a few miles, that clarity always makes an appearance for a few seconds. In that small interval of time, every person is capable of contemplating their life lived up to now, everything that has made them who they are today. That is the clarity that comes from the look of an always shy singer Guitarricadelafuente. Álvaro, whether he likes it or not, manages to give off a golden halo of mystery, but that kind of mystery that only brings good things. Since “Guantanamera”, the first song he released, until now, with an album already published, Guitarrica’s music has been a balm for an audience that was desperate for a bit of authenticity among so much artifice and empty noise. “La Cantera”, the title that gives its name to his first album released last year, has been a way for the singer to open up to his audience, to tell us the story of a boy who grew up in a sunny land, full of beautiful little towns and incredible legends. Cuevas de Cañart, the village from his childhood, is the place that will always have a special spot in Álvaro’s heart but like every protagonist of a good epic adventure, the feeling of flying and living a thousand different experiences beats in the heart of Guitarrica. And surely fate will bring him infinite adventures and surprises and he will always face them with his charismatic half smile, the smile of someone who has a red thread of fate tied to his wrist heading towards a home to which he can always return after a long journey into the unknown.

Check out below the cover story of our “TALES” issue, starring Guitarricadelafuente captured by the lens of Manu Jaime and styled with FW23 pieces from Kenzo. Get your copy HERE!

Photographer Manu Jaime @manu.jaime
Stylist Tania Morenilla @tanmore
MUAH Miky Valles @miky.valles
Digi OP Alicia Pastor @aliciapastorva
Photo assistants Ismael Nasrollah @ismaelnasrollah and Clara Guiñón @clara.guinon
Stylist Assistant María Garcia @lawiwikk__
Set design Jorge Garcia @jorgegl__
Text and Interview by Juan Marti @sswango