As part of their determined commitment to the LGBTQIA+ community, Dr. Martens celebrate Pride 2023 by partnering with three artists who have reimagined the brand’s iconic models, resulting in a limited edition collection.

Pride is an integral component of Dr. Martens’ history and culture. It is not confined to a single month or a corporate obligation. This year, the brand continues to support and celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community under the theme of “creativity and community.” Three artists collaborate to transform three boots into canvases for self-expression.

The first installment of the collection is a collaboration with Japanese zine creator Fuyuki Kanai, who explores queer relationships through manga-inspired illustrations. Fuyuki utilizes their creations to challenge toxic concepts of masculinity and harmful stereotypes, a struggle in which Dr. Martens proudly participates.

Drawing on their sensitivity, Fuyuki has crafted a design with a manga touch. The minimalist black and white color scheme allows anyone to connect with the illustrations of queer individuals in everyday situations—a wholly inclusive design approach. The boot is adorned with a striking burst of red through the welt stitching, eyelets, and AirWair loop strap.

For the second release, artist, illustrator, and radical dreamer Loveis Wise reinvents the eight-eye Jadon boot, which they describe as a “must-have for a young punk.” Their thought-provoking artistic vision explores the lives of trans and non-binary people of color, aiming to enhance their representation.

The Loveis Wise For Pride Jadon boot is designed for the dance floor. Against Dr. Martens’ classic black Smooth leather, the artist added joyful and inclusive designs using a dreamlike color palette of green, blue, and pink. The boot also features a disco ball-shaped pendant, a loop strap, and the essential yellow welt stitching.

Lastly, Wednesday has reimagined the traditional 1460 boot as a symbol of queer happiness. The anthropomorphized illustrations include the trans symbol and an inclusive Pride flag, along with their signature positive messages on the back of each 8-eye boot. Crafted with the renowned black and white Smooth leather and set upon the brand’s classic sole, it comes with black and white laces, the iconic yellow welt stitching, and the DM’s heel tab.