Milan’s design scene is buzzing with the latest “The Art of Dreams” exhibition at Palazzo Clerici. The main event, which took place on April 15, revolved around the principles of geometry and repetition, drawing inspiration from Porsche’’s Pepita pattern. Artists from various disciplines gathered to interpret these themes, presenting a showcase that was both reflective and engaging.

The Pepita pattern, with its distinctive small squares and diagonal stripes, dates back to the 60s and has since become an emblem of classic design. It was the focal point of this year’s exhibition, influencing the art and ambiance of the event. Porsche’s initiative sought to merge the concept of dreams with artistic expression, and it did so right in the midst of Milan Design Week, from April 16 to 21.

With “The Art of Dreams” as the spearhead of Porsche’s cultural marketing, we are exploring the thrilling ambiguity and significance of dreams in our time. Together with Vitra, we are bringing design dreams back to life. Because the iconic Pepita pattern is more than just a pattern. It is cultural heritage“, said Ragnar Schulte, Head of Experiential Marketing at Porsche.

“The Art of Dreams” featured “Lines of Flight,” an interactive sculpture by Numen/For Use, as its highlight. This airy structure encouraged visitors to climb and discover its intricacies. The artists viewed dreams as a personal utopia, a world for self-discovery and facing the unknown. The sculpture’s design, with its monochromatic nets, paid homage to the Pepita pattern and symbolized the breaking away from conventional constraints.


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Imre & Marne van Opstal brought the sculpture to life with a dance performance that portrayed the complexity of our inner world. They interpreted the installation as a safe space that encourages us to let go and immerse ourselves in our fantasies.

Check out below some photos from the event:

‘The Art of Dreams,’ which began in 2021 with Cyril Lancelin’s installation in Paris, has continued to be a platform for interactive art installations that inspire people to engage with their dreams.