Snoop Dogg is kicking off the first Dr. Bombay Day on April 19th with a new ice cream flavor, “Strawberry Cream Dream,” brought to you by Death Row Records. This event is all about getting ready for 4/20, with Snoop inviting everyone to grab their favorite snacks.

The Dr. Bombay Ice Cream line, launched by Snoop last year, offers a variety of flavors that promise a tasty treat for everyone. The latest flavor, Strawberry Cream Dream, is a mix of strawberry sherbet and vanilla ice cream with strawberry jam and cookie pieces.

Snoop Dogg is excited about the launch, saying, “I love my munchies, especially my Dr. Bombay ice cream. I am declaring 4/19 Dr. Bombay Day – be sure to hit the store and tell them Dogg sent you.”

Dr. Bombay Day was celebrated at Snoop Dogg’s place in LA with friends, where they enjoyed new ice cream flavors and creative sundaes.

This year, you can find Dr. Bombay Ice Cream at more stores, including Publix, Kroger, and others, as well as Walmart, Albertsons, Safeway, and more.