Templat Studio comes full circle, bringing to life a collection based on affectivity and family.

After the first designs in “Estación del Viento”, Templat shows its expansion and final capsule collection, introducing its female pillars through the 6 looks. A 100% upcycled collection that brings to life the values of a matriarchal core that is absorbed in a complex, sensitive, and ethereal masculinity.

Various technical experiments support the designs full of textures and transparencies that try to show the body’s wounds. The author’s fetish pieces are a transformed corset that supported his grandmother’s rehabilitation and the adaptation of his mother’s wedding dress.

It should be remembered that both series were born from the appearance of an old trunk inherited by the matriarch of the Templat family.

Take a look below:


Creative Direction _ Templat Studio @templat.studio
Photography_ Natalia Ayala Faci @nnatalia.ayala
Model_ Andrei Diakov @andreidiakov_ from @unomodels
Photography Assist _ Oriol Roma i Turull @o.romatu
Art_ Jose Geese @jose.geese & Susanna Canalda @susicanalda1975
Special thanks _ Blend Showroom @blendbcnshowroom