Tomek S. (AMQ models) photographed by Pawel Fabjanski for Fucking Young!

According to the ancient tradition during Olimpic Games all wars should be stopped. The players abandon their unreliable weapons and start relying on the strenght of their personality and trained muscles to compete with each other. The competition moves to the field of sport where the rules are clear. Unfair tactics exclude one from the game. Gods of concentration and perfection watch over the mortal warriors, taking care to keep the right course of the competition – the direction where we cross human fragility, and borders of our weaknessess. The players after overcoming obstacles await the reward, merit badges and honors for their spilled sweat. When finally they cross the finish line it appears that the medals vanished. What remains is the human being waiting in front of the wall to be executed – the only chance to overcome the fear is to stay true to yourself.

Photographer: Pawel Fabjanski
Stylist: Anna Sikorska
Hair/Make up: Ola Dackiewicz
Model: Tomek S./AMQ models
Retoucher: Pawel Modej
Photographer’s assistants: Szymon Fit & Damian Denis at